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Beam welding line

“Beam Welding Line” automatic, two or four head submerged arc-welding lines.
These machines are specifically designed for the manufacture of welded “T” and double “T” girder-beams with parallel or converging flange.
They enable the welding to be carried out on items with the web located vertically and without any need for tacking.
Tacking will only be required at the top in order to obtain the proper angle between the web and the flange.
The beam is fed into the machine and both sides of the beam are welded simultaneously.
When double “T” beams are being manufactured, once the first flange has been welded, the beam is flipped over and fed back into the unit once again.
This machine is capable of welding both symmetrical and non-symmetrical beams without the need for tacking, as well as box-girders (pre-tacked).
A flange post-deformation device mounted at the machine exit enables the machine to compensate for any flange deformation resulting from the welding process.
This device is easily adjustable to handle various flange dimensions and a variety of different deformable thicknesses up to a maximum of 50 mm at maximum width.
The welding line can be equipped with a control PLC, user interface with Touch-screen panel and a special connector for connecting to an Ethernet network.