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Integrated Devices

The range also includes a variety of ancillary systems that Corimpex has specifically designed and developed to integrate seamlessly with its traditional welding units and that therefore provide added value to the main welding unit while simultaneously offering the ability to undertake and manage some of the production processes that are most closely related to, and associated with, the main process


The Accessory Systems range includes the following:


The BSM-type Horizontal Straightener: This is a machine designed to mechanically straighten the “double-T” or “H” girder-beam flange after welding, in accordance with the specific quality and tolerance requirements.

The PSW-type, Metal plate joining line: these lines are designed join together metal sheets of varying dimensions when plates of the required dimensions are not generally available in the marketplace.
Built on a heavy-duty load-bearing frame, these units are equipped with a hydraulic cylinder-controlled, dual flange system designed to press together and properly align the edges of the two plates to be joined.
The welding equipment is mounted on a special motorised trolley.
A copper tray is mounted on the lower section of the trolley to support the liquid tray, thus enabling the welding of the metal sheet from one side only.


Assembly bench: Beams can also be assembled by means of column, arm and trolley-type manipulators combined with hydraulic assembly benches.
Thanks to the flexibility of adaptation to the profile of the beam, assembly benches allow for the assembly of parallel-wing, centred and box girder-beams, or beams with irregular profiles.
Consisting of motorised traverse beams that can be raised or lowered and equipped with docking hydraulic cylinders, these benches are designed and dimensioned to provide the customer with maximum productivity at a relatively low cost.


The FEMS/FEMI-type plate grinder: the main purpose of this device is to simultaneously grind all 4 edges of the metal plate, thereby ensuring improved adhesion during the subsequent painting process and resulting in a top quality end product. The device can be supplied either as a self-standing line (FEMS) or integrated (FEMI) at the input side of a beam welding line, where the process of grinding the edges of the flange/wing plates will occur simultaneously with the welding of the beam, thereby resulting in a marked improvement in productivity.